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About Me


*Photo not taken by me obviously since I'm in it*

My name is Amber Ingram and I'd like to exceed your photography expectations with a whole new approach to photo sessions...

I'm drawn to photography because of my enthusiasm for curating and capturing memories. I offer a unique perspective and experience because I understand that the end result and your satisfaction are dependent on more than just the final photos, the memory we create together is forever tied to those images. I place importance on taking as much stress out of photo sessions as I can starting with my onboarding questionnaire that allows me insight on how to create your custom session based on your needs and budget and ending with hosting your photos online in a gallery with storefront so you can select and print your photos conveniently and affordably into tangible keepsakes that will last a lifetime.

As a mom of 4 I know how hectic photos can be with kids and so I take charge and make it fun, interacting with your children, getting them involved, asking them to help me pose mom and dad, getting you on their level, engaged in play, encouraging silliness and genuine laughs so I can capture the essence of your family. As someone who was once a bride, I come equipped to take as much stress off you on your day of as I can with my day of emergency kit that includes necessities such as concealer in various shades, hairspray, bobbypins and a lint roller, (among other things). My goal is to help the bride delegate, encourage others to get involved, streamline the timeline of events and capture real genuine moments which can only happen if I can get my bride and groom, (and family) present and engaged and out of their heads. 


Memorializing memories is my passion. I want to be YOUR photographer, for this event and the next. I want to capture all of your milestones and get to know your family for years to come. 

To read more about this process from start to finish, please scroll down.

About the Process

I'm on a mission to create one of a kind photo experiences for each and every one of my clients. That starts with my streamlined onboarding process that is kick started when you submit your initial inquiry form, (link can be found in my site menu). The questionnaire you receive, directly to your email after, lets you pick from some of my packages while also providing you questions to give me details of your needs and budget. Everyone deserves to have their special moments documented with beautiful images regardless of their budget so I will work joyfully with you to determine how I can meet your needs for your session and mine as a business. I have based my prices on my cost of doing business which includes babysitting for 4 little ones so I don't have anyone tagging along on sessions. I do not take the investment lightly and my work will reflect the value I place on it. I am happy to openly communicate about any concerns or questions you have regarding my services and their cost.


When you are sent the questionnaire you are automatically inputed into my system as a new project with a client portal to keep our communication in one convenient place so nothing ever gets lost. Once I have received your questionnaire back I may reach out to you with clarification on a few items to discuss solutions or I will get directly to work putting together your proposal based on the information you've provided. This streamlined process allows for less back and forth and more effective communication. I am also just an email and phone call away if further assistance or clarity is needed. I am still tweaking this process so please don't hold back any kind constructive criticism you may have so I can seek to improve where I am lacking. 

To avoid no-shows I do require payment or deposit upfront. After I receive your initial payment, your date will be booked into my calendar. From the moment I have received a submitted and finalized proposal contract we get to work dreaming up the perfect setting and poses/prompts for your session. I will send you a link to your own pinterest board where you can save ideas for me to look at prior to your session. I am also a professional makeup artist and can get you photo ready should you wish. These services can be bundled with my photography sessions at a 15% discount off of the bundle total. We will be in communication leading up to your session to confirm your session, any weather concerns, wardrobe selection or consultation should you wish for my input, and to answer any lingering questions you have for me.


On the day of your session I will be prompt and ready to shoot when you arrive. I try to be as early as possible to scout out location and calibrate my camera settings so we are ready to go. I am outgoing and try my best to make even the most reserved participant crack a smile during the course of the shoot. Yes, I'm a bit of a clown if I have to be. I hope by being myself you'll be comfortable being yourself. As a mom of 4, I KNOW photos can be a cause for stress and anxiety. I do things a little differently. If the kids aren't cooperating with posing then we ditch it. I want you to explore with your kids, play, laugh. We hide behind trees and play peek a boo, we hold hands and play red rover or just go for a stroll. "Can you see me in this lens" might be my favorite prompt for children because their expressions as they peer into the camera lens is priceless, don't believe me? Go check out the Pennington family photos in my portfolio over on Pic-Time, (Just click the link in the menu above and it'll take you right over!). Moms and Dads, if you've got an unenthusiastic participant I will do my very best to win them over in the end by making the session fun. Ladies and Gentlemen, when you come to me for your couples sessions I will make space for intimate moments, cheer you on, prompt you and post you in sweet embraces but I will also chide you and interrupt those sweet moments intentionally and awkwardly because those moments where you're so uncomfortable that you laugh make for the most realistic smiles in photos. Basically I'm the photographer that will stand, sit, climb, jump, squat and also make myself a comedienne if I have to in order to get the most genuine photo for you. Once we're done with our session, I get to work curating and culling your photos into the perfect gallery. Over the next two weeks I will put these photos through several processes to narrow down the best photos and edit them for consistency and continuation. My work is true to life with a little creative flair. I am willing to edit to your preference so long as the edits are still a continuation of my work. The pinterest board helps me get an idea of the aesthetic you vibe with be it warm and dreamy or light and airy. I edit each session independently without presets to leave room for artistic expression but you will see a continuation within this expression in my body of work that I believe is the true to life color in keeping with the location, wardrobe and accessories such as flowers and props. I will send sneak peeks and snippets of me editing to keep you involved in the process every step of the way because it's exciting for me to keep you informed and to make sure I never lose the pulse of what your dreams are for your photo session. 



That brings me to another unique part of my client experience. In addition to the automation software I use to streamline my onboarding, I also upload all of my galleries over on Pic-Time to provide you with a phenomenal and user friendly experience on the back end of you session with easy to navigate albums where you can download custom slideshows as well as your full-size and web-size images. Pic-Time also provides you with convenient access to a storefront where you can order high-quality professional printed products with color matching guarantee for exceptionally reasonable prices. No more downloading from one site, uploading to another or onto a thumb-drive to have your photos printed yourself. Professional printing is worth it when you're investing in photography services and the peace of mind of color matching guarantee means I've taken the time to sync my system with theirs to deliver exceptional likeness to the photos you see on your screen. It also means if you are unhappy with your printed products for any reason I will make it right. Something I cannot offer if you choose to print through other services.


My goal is that I earn your business today and for every event and occasion that comes up in the future. 


Thanks for sticking with me this far! I am truly looking forward to growing in community with you as I serve you in your photography needs!


All my love, Amber Ingram

Contact Me

(936) 443 1254

Montgomery, TX.

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