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Updated: Mar 29

Jaedyn Stone: Senior Session

In my experience, everyone shows up to a photo session uncomfortable in their own skin but showing it in different ways. Low confidence, high confidence, shy or extroverted, no one shows up "natural" and it's my job to help both of us find that place together. The thing is, I'm not shooting for a magazine, a designer, a stylist, I'm shooting you, FOR YOU. And it's totally ok to be uncomfortable. You're standing in front of a camera not knowing what the photographer is zooming in on on their end. Let me let you in on a little secret, we're all naturally uneasy in new situations and if you've never been in front of my camera it's totally reasonable to be a bit out of sorts at first. I am going to talk to you, say some silly things, do things for a reaction and put you in poses and situations that are going to get you out of your head. Then, I'm going to do my best to capture that exact moment. The genuine laughs, the slightly awkward smolder face, when the wind catches your hair and you're feeling yourself, these are the photos that you're going to look back on and love, because they're real and they're you and no one else can be you.

Once upon a time, I was a "model", and I can tell you from my experience that when I look at those photos they're not fond memory reminders, they're awkward and they make me feel self-conscious. It's not me in those photos. It's just my body, my face, someone else's clothes, someone else's posing, someone else's idea of what they wanted to portray me as. When I look at candid photos it's so much more than smooth skin or rough skin or the perfect outfit or the perfect smile. There's a person there, a whole personality, a whole story, a beautifully flawed and interesting human, perfectly perfect just as they are. They're a natural when they're just being themselves. It is my passion to capture people being themselves. That's what I try to give each of my beautiful clients. Something real and something that gives them confidence and hopefully brings a smile to their face as they look back and remember the experience.

I've been a makeup artist off and on for my entire professional career. I LOVE it! That's why I keep coming back to it. There is beauty in every face, I believe that whole heartedly, and I love being able to highlight those special little details that make each woman or girl unique. God really doesn't make mistakes. I show her and tell her what I see that's beautiful. As a photographer now I get to take that process a step further by taking photographs of that beauty and framing it and composing it and telling a story of it that does justice to her. There is nothing that brings me more joy than knowing that I helped a woman or girl feel beautiful and confident and comfortable and excited and giddy. The same goes for my guys that I work with. They're not getting their makeup done but I can help them pick out the colors and styles from their wardrobe that will photograph well and bring out their best features, I find their "good sides" and "good angles" and get them to loosen up and relax into their true selves so I can get those golden moment photos.

Jaedyn is shy and reserved until she opens up. I know she is witty and intelligent and firey and passionate and so many more things because I didn't just pose her and take some headshots and posed full body shots. I made her laugh, and captured the real thing. I made her think and captured that in her eyes. I made her move to get her out of her head and into her body and captured her energy and youth. I had her play with her hair and caught the coy side of her. Afterwards, I went fishing, (as I often do), for feedback and was elated that her moms first comment was, "They are amazing!! You did such a great job capturing her personality!..." That is THE MUSIC playing on repeat in my mind assuring me I've chosen the right career path. I think there are a lot of people out there that can take pretty pictures. I think it takes a unique skill-set and personality to capture people being themselves. That's what I offer. That's why I'm different. I hope you enjoy this album. I so enjoyed spending that time with Jaedyn and capturing her in this season of her life.

I so look forward to working with you!

All my love,

Amber Ingram

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